Smallholder Growers

Coconut is characterized by an unbalanced supply chain where the largest number of coconut farmers are producing the lowest value product. CKC works to address the lack of incentives for smallholder farmers to better engage in coconut sustainability. Only through improvement in the economic incentives can we expect to slow and or even reverse the systemic decline in productivity.

In the Philippines and Indonesia, an estimated 2.3 million hectares of coconut lands are old, senescent, and unproductive. In conjunction with rising global demand for coconut oils and other coconut consumer products, industry stakeholders are increasingly worried about the future outlook for coconut. Significant replanting efforts are urgently needed over the next decade; however, farmers are resistant, without proper incentives or support (knowledge, finance and planting materials) and are therefore unlikely to make the transition to sustainability. CKC aims to change the status quo through wide stakeholder engagement.