Sally Halstead

Sally Halstead, Dip. H. E.

A director of RCA Carbon Indonesia, Sally has been directly involved in the coconut business sector since 2015, when she co-founded a range of coconut products which were sold throughout the Indonesian marketplace. Sally leads international coconut product development projects from her base in Bali, including food and beverages, household products, beauty and amenities. She is also involved in climate-responsible projects that deliver biodiversity conservation, crop yield enhancement, enriched soil health and carbon sequestration.

A deep background in the research-based world of conventional medicine, with a Diploma in Health Education, Sally has slowly transitioned from focusing only on individual people’s wellness to also encompassing planetary health. Her emphasis now is on biodiversity protection, ethno botany and eco-pharmacology, and delivering positive social impact benefits for local communities. This planet-first approach guarantees food security: affordable, high quality, nutrient dense foodstuffs for the end consumer.

Her grandparents taught Sally the magic of growing a garden and how to respect the earth as an abundant provider. Through this she came to clearly understand the reciprocal relationship between personal and planetary health. Now she is transferring that appreciation to her three sons so they also grow up in awe of the beauty and power of the natural world. Sally’s belief is that the planet’s ecological system and individual’s health statuses are inextricably linked. This indubitably symbiotic relationship between nature and human provides her downstream focus in the field of regenerative agroforestry.

Sally’s experience in social impact projects includes the directorship of an environmental program engaging Balinese communities with waste management solutions and the implementation of a health education programme in Nepal for indigent girls. She is currently focusing on new projects centred on coconut carbon as a clean cooking fuel, an issue that particularly affects women’s health, and the production of biochar from coconut biomass. As a member of WOMAG (women in agriculture) Sally supports gender diversity in the workplace.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Native American Indian saying.