Dr Dan Etherington

Dr Dan Etherington, AM  

Dr Dan Etherington AM has a legacy of contribution to coconut. His studies of the coconut industries in Asia, Africa & the South Pacific led him to seek an alternative processing technology to the crude extractive copra export trade. In collaboration with the CSIRO, he commercialised the Direct Micro Expelling (DME®) technology he had invented. In 2004 formed Kokonut Pacific and in 2013 established the Niulife Foundation. DME® was awarded a Medal by EXPO2000 in Germany as a sustainable “World Project”. In 2006 his Solomon Islands work won the Asia Pacific Forum for Environment & Development (APFED) Gold Award for ‘Rehabilitating a rural economy with virgin coconut oil production’. In 2008 Dan was awarded an AM (Member of the Order of Australia) for his innovations in small-scale coconut processing, contributions to sustainable agriculture and economic development in the South Pacific region. In 2015 Dan featured in two ABC TV programs, the New Inventors and Landline and in 2018 Kokonut Pacific was declared the Ethical Enterprise of the Year. Dan continues to contribute to development of the coconut sector and the coconut smallholder livelihood empowerment and has positively influenced the lives of thousands of tropical coconut people.

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