Tarun Gandhi


Advisory Board Principal


Tarun Gandhi  


The most significant upstream barriers for coconut are the critical lack of quality planting materials and absence of a modern plantation investment model. In developing an investment climate for coconut, millions of small-holders achieve net gains in poverty alleviation and health and acute supply-chain risk is mitigated for corporate processors. Coconut investment has great potential, at scale, to offer a hedge to oil palm land expansion with positive outcomes in conservation and climate change.

Tarun is passionate about CKC’s role as the sustainable change driver in global Coconut and in restoring the plantation crops legacy. Leading the organisations finance and investment governance, Tarun is a chartered accountant with over 30 years’ experience in finance leadership roles in multinational companies. Tarun has in-depth risk and portfolio management expertise, managing absolute return portfolios with Cargill, Black River Asset Management, Spinnaker Capital and Soter Capital. At Cargill, Tarun was Asia Head for Capital Markets Business and Structured Trade Finance and Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer at Black River Asset Management, instrumental in business growth in Asia Pacific markets.