Advisory Board


Nadja Nufer  


Coconut is a global wellness brand, contributing to the prevention of disease, health outcomes and quality of life through sustainable nutrition and clean energy.  Nadja’s wellness curation role ensures CKC is influencing wellness alongside systemic change for small holder inclusion, empowering rural women and supporting women led social enterprises. Developing gender equitable and sustainable supply chains are embedded in our Mission Statement.  Gender fairness is evidenced within our micro-factory model. Nadja leads wellness across the CKC Group ensuring symptoms of gender inequality are attended to.

A native of Switzerland, fluent in five languages and based in South East Asia, Nadja is a professional wellness development and communications expert. A busy mother of two young daughters, Nadja is the Founder and CEO of a premier ethical skincare and beauty brand using pure natural plant based ingredients and virgin coconut oil from a CKC impact micro-factory situated in Bali, Indonesia.